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Public speaking coach


Liana Znudova

Apr 20, 2019

I am a designer for a local business magazine Kapitals, and it was my first time creating a web page. It was super easy and I learned what are funnels and how to create offers for our business which resulted in extra sales. Tools were relatively easy to learn, but video lectures helped a lot! Thank you IcebergBuilder!

Oskars Priede

Mar 5, 2019

I’ve tried Wix and tried learning Wordpress myself, but building a stylish and convincing page with no assistance took up way too much of my time - without real result. Now I’ve launched three of my projects with the help of IcebergBuilder, and I was most pleased with the fact that finally someone could give me proper tutorial how to make a page that drives sales. Ok, you still have to put in a little effort to make the page look posh, but with a bit of patience, the right colors and the right fonts it is possible!

Kaspars Vendelis

Oct 4, 2018

Professional tools with professional training that provide simple, creative solutions to business problems. When I started creating my online masterclass and building sales funnels with IcebergBuilder, I realized that I am gaining so much practical knowledge of marketing tactics in general. The team is very helpful, their approach is to share and educate their clients. This is an amazing combination of tools and training backed by excellent support.

Martins Tiltins

Mar 14, 2019

Before I found IcebergBuilder, our team struggled to acquire new clients for house construction in Northern Europe. We understood that to get new clients we need to try more effective online sales methods, but we couldn’t understand from where to start. With help from online lectures I learned to build a new website for us with a clear defined strategy for generating leads. In less than a month's time we managed to get 250+ leads that are slowly converting in customers and orders.

Rihards Niedra

Feb 26, 2019

When I started to work for a new attorney office, they were getting customers only through word of mouth.  After watching IcebergBuilder online lectures by Kristan and his team, I started making my first website, and after about a week I had built 14 pages in 3 languages. Now our potential customers can find and reach us also online. I also learned how important it is to prioritize leads in a marketing strategy. Generating new leads and customers has never been so easy.

Maris Zunda

Sep 28, 2018

Over a very short time we managed to build a working funnel for selling tickets to our conference. Some people said we couldn’t do it and that we would fail, but it turned out that with proper tools, step by step tutorials, technical support and our own motivation, it is actually possible to sell OUT all the tickets to an innovative niche conference with the help of funnels.


Kristian Bay,

founder of IcebergBuilder

From: Kristian Bay | IcebergBuilder

Topic: Are you a go-getter?

Ok, so now you probably have understood already that in order to make your idea grow into a profitable business, you have to attract clients online. But you don't quite fully understand how to come up with a successful strategy to sell online, is it so?

You have a brilliant idea, a future vision, a dream of helping thousands of people with your products or services, and you hope that one day your business will blossom and you'll reach your financial goals. BUT going online seems like a heck of a challenge, because you have no idea how to code, design, and digital marketing, too, isn't very clear to you - sounds familiar?

Things that others could do in hours take up way too much time and money, let alone your energy resources. And one day you find yourself so fed up with it, you simply give up, let go of your dream and stop working on it. Now this is where your dream dies. Will you let it die?

You see, I've been there and done that, and after 7 years of resurrecting my almost dead dreams, I finally managed to reach my success with the help of - you guessed it - digital marketing. I was tired of hearing about dying hopes and unfulfilled ideas, so I decided to give you all the necessary tools so that you, too, can build yourself an effective online strategy to attract clients and boost sales. With IcebergBuilder, you can focus on what you're good at, while your marketing, design and online selling is explained to you with easy tools.

I'm gonna be honest with you: it makes me happy to see you succeed with IcebergBuilder, because your success is also our success. The happier you are about your improved sales results, the more likely you will recommend us to your friends, and we'll be able to help many, many more brilliant ideas turn into actual success stories!

Since my and our client's success can prove this, I'm very sure that with the right tools and training you'll be at full speed with your online sales in no time. That is why I can let you try IcebergBuilder 14 days free of charge! It's possible that in the first two weeks you'll be able to capture your first leads and convert them into customers, so don't hesitate too much - try it yourself and go get them, go-getter!

Wishing you the best of success!

Kristian Bay


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