Email Promotion: Write Better Promotional Emails & Find Top Examples

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Kate is our master copywriter and content expert here at IcebergBuilder. Her expertise in sales-optimised content marketing and linguistics allows to dive into the depths of the power of language in advertising.

The IcebergBuilder team has gathered all the relevant details regarding email promotion to help you with advertising your products or services. Unlike some types of email marketing campaigns, promotional emails offer information and links to special deals, which should make your readers become loyal customers. So, the main purpose of a promo email is to get people to spend money on your business. Discover how to write simple yet brilliant content, when to send it, and what to include. You’ll find the necessary elements, our insights, and interesting templates, and learn to attract new shoppers with discounts, newsletters, and call-to-action emails.

General Tips for Email Marketers

Before we show you how to create valuable and promotional emails, go through our top tips on creating both a recipient list and content.

  • The first thing you need to do is build an email list. Don’t buy it—create your own and regularly update it. Divide the list into smaller groups and create content specific to the interests of each one. For this, learn about behavioral segmentation, which focuses on consumers’ shopping patterns.
  • The subject line is crucial; it grabs your recipients’ attention and helps them decide whether to open or delete your email. It should pique the customer’s interest in no more than 50 characters.
  • The content of your email must be simple, neat, straightforward, and written in a friendly way. Use short sentences and short paragraphs. Look up spam trigger words and try to avoid them, or run the email through any online spam checker tool.

You’re now ready to start creating promotional emails and learn how to convince customers to make a purchase.

Types of Promotional Emails

A promo email includes information and special deals designed to convert your customer into a buyer or make more money in some other way. There are four types of promo emails:

  1. Activation: Its goal is converting potential or past customers into new buyers. An activation email is usually a low-priced offer that should activate most of your customer base and get them to purchase your services or products.
  2. Monetization: The goal is to make as much money as possible. This campaign is usually sent one or two weeks after the activation email campaign to give recent buyers the time to decide to spend more money on you.
  3. Segmentation: It’s an interest-based promotional email. The goal is to get specific people to interact with your email so that, in the future, you can send them only what they’re interested in.
  4. Wildcard: This campaign represents something you’ve never tried before, and the goal is to reach your target income. These experiments are usually sent in the last week of the month and vary according to the target income and that month’s performance.

Promo Email Formula + Top Example

Follow our formula below to create a powerful promotional email that will drive sales.

IntroductionBuilds curiosity and provides proof of credibility
BodyShows benefits or results of whatever you are promoting
Closing SectionInduces scarcity, such as time or stock limit
P.S. (Optional)Includes a quick summary of your offer

Don’t forget to include the link to your desired action in most or all of these sections but no more than four times. See the following promotional email to see what we’re talking about, and use it as guidance.

Promotional Email Example

Promo to Value Email Ratio

Don’t just send emails randomly; plan your promotions carefully to gain customer trust and convince them to love your product or service.

The IcebergBuilder team suggests you send three valuable emails per promotional email. So, you should provide your recipients with enough valuable content before presenting your special offer. This way, you’ll avoid becoming one of those spammy email senders that no one wants to see in their inbox.

Bonus: How To Write a Valuable Email

Valuable emails or newsletters offer customers free, relevant information about topics your readers are interested in; a great example is Spotify emails about new releases by artists their users follow. Here’s a basic formula for a winning value email:

IntroductionBuilds relatability or provides proof of credibility
BodyShows a lot of free value or results from relatable research
Closing SectionInduces curiosity and scarcity to gain more value on your blog or social media accounts
P.S. (Optional)Includes a quick summary and contact details or builds curiosity for your next email

See how these work in the following example of a value email, which includes all the essential details.

Value Email Example

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