Companies employ different strategies to grow their client database. While some send out unsolicited emails to relevant customer databases, others focus on developing an attractive lead magnet that encourages potential customers to surrender their contact details. 

This comprehensive guide explains the value of a lead magnet for growing your client roster, with time-tested tips on how to use the highly effective marketing tactic to convert potential customers. 

What is a lead?

An individual or organization is considered a lead if their interest in your product or service has led them to entrust their contact details to you.

With their personal information in your client database, your marketing team can trail, nurture, and potentially convert them into customers.

What are lead magnets?

Companies looking to grow their client database often turn to lead magnets to collect a prospective client’s personal information. A lead magnet is a material or service of high added value that is typically offered for free in exchange for contact details.

For example, a realtor may offer a free PDF neighborhood guide in exchange for a website visitor’s name and email address. Once the contact details are obtained, the realtor may attempt to convert the leads into buyers or even promote unrelated products to them.

If you’re looking to create your own, start by learning how to brainstorm compelling lead magnet ideas


It’s easier to understand how lead magnets work when viewed in the context of a client journey. The following is what typically occurs when lead magnets are integrated into a company’s marketing strategy: 


  1. A passerby sees your ad or finds your lead magnet on Google or your website. 
  2. The passerby finds your lead magnet attractive and decides it can help her solve her problems. She offers her email address in exchange for it. The passerby is now converted into a lead. 
  3. The lead is satisfied with the lead magnet and decides to turn to your products or services for more help. The lead is finally converted into a client.

What makes lead magnets effective?

While lead magnets come in many forms (e.g., samples, trial subscriptions, free consultations, white papers), good lead magnets are:

  • Ultra-specific: Great lead magnets tackle an ultra-specific problem instead of solving the big picture. The more specific you are about your lead magnet’s benefit, the higher its chances are of converting leads into customers.
  • Able to demonstrate your expertise: Someone who consumes your lead magnet should be impressed with your expertise, consider you an expert in the field, or become attracted to your unique value proposition.
  • Able to solve problems: The lead should get some practical tips or ready-made answers from your lead magnet, but they SHOULD NOT give out all the details. The lead must be convinced that the only way to solve their problems is to seek out your product or service ultimately.
  • Thoughtfully made: Lead magnets are carefully researched and premeditated. As materials or services that reflect your brand, they must be responsive to the device they are viewed on and void of typos and design flaws.
  • Easy to digest: Great lead magnets are concise and packed with helpful information. A good rule of thumb is for materials to be at or under 5-minutes reading time or never longer than 15-minutes long for videos.
  • Compelling and captivating: Lead magnets, especially those that are educational, should be crafted with compelling titles or hooks that a prospect will find irresistible.
Get inspiration from brilliant examples of lead magnets here. 


There’s a science to creating high-value lead magnets that will not only expand your client database but also convert potential customers. When employed incorrectly, poor-quality lead magnets have the potential to tarnish your brand or company’s reputation. Read our step-by-step guide on how to create lead magnets to attract your customers. 

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