We’ve discussed how lead magnets are one of the best lead generation strategies, but what resources are required in developing an effective, high-converting lead magnet that people will download and use? The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert marketer or designer to create your high-performing lead generation machine. The Iceberg Builder team will walk you through the process of creating lead magnets step-by-step, from brainstorming your first idea to securing the various tools you’ll need to get it live on your website.

Know the Underlying Structure of a Lead Magnet Machine

The flow of a lead magnet varies case by case, but the basic underlying structure is more or less the same. Below is the typical journey of your lead magnet visitor:

  1. The potential lead sees your lead magnet ad on your social media channel or website and clicks on it.
  2. The potential lead is led to your lead magnet landing page or opt-in page, where your lead magnet’s value is further explained. The page typically features a web form where users can input their contact details in exchange for the lead magnet.
  3. After adding their contact details, the customer is led to the lead magnet page where the lead magnet is, or they are led to a thank you page after the lead magnet is sent to the client’s email.

Create Your Lead Magnet

Lead magnets come in various forms, but our guide below focuses on one of the most effective types: the educational lead magnet. The goal of educational lead magnets is to educate users on a specific topic that is relevant to your product or services. 

Educational lead magnets may come in the form of eBooks, guides, reports, whitepapers, infographics, email courses, or educational videos or audios. These lead magnets aim to solve your audience’s problems while helping them understand why your product or service is critical to their lives.


First off, you need a lead magnet idea. You need to understand your prospect’s needs and choose a topic that not only solves your buyer personas’ problems but also highlights the value of your service or product. Read our article about the 5 Steps to Brainstorming Compelling Lead Magnet Ideas Guaranteed to Bring in Clients

Next, you need to select the best type of lead magnet that effectively relates to your topic and aligns with your target market. If you need inspiration, here’s a list of the 10 Most Effective Lead Magnet Examples to Spur Action & Impress Clients

Now that you’re armed with a compelling idea for your lead magnet, it’s time to put your concept into reality.


The primary purpose of your lead magnet is to solve your audience’s problems. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Your prospects should be educated about your product, not blatantly sold to.
  • Be sure to use valuable, credible information throughout your lead magnet. Focus on including statistics, graphs, tables, and information from trusted sources to boost educational value.
  • Occasionally, highlight your product or service’s benefits with discreet yet effective copywriting.

In summary, remember to include some selling points in your lead magnet, but stay focused on education when writing it.


Aside from compelling content, design is another important aspect of a lead magnet. The more attractive and user-friendly your design is, the more potential leads will likely opt-in and download it. With so many online tools available, you don’t have to be an expert designer to create an eye-catching and effective lead magnet. Here are some of the best picks:

Design Tools




Video Tools

Raw Shorts



Infographics / Flowchart makers




Quiz/Form Creators



Looking for an easier way to build your lead magnet? Iceberg Builder’s extensive marketing and design tools can help you create high-converting lead magnets from conception to launch. We offer hundreds of ready-made templates, or you can build your own from scratch.

Create Your Lead Magnet Landing Page

After completing your lead magnet, it’s time to give it a home: your lead magnet landing page. Your landing page (also called squeeze page) is where you’ll describe what your lead magnet offers. It also houses the opt-in form where you’ll convert visitors to leads.

Draft a Persuasive Title for Your Lead Magnet Page

The title is perhaps the most crucial element of your lead magnet, and it should grab the viewer’s attention while stating your offer clearly and descriptively. Here are a few tips to consider when brainstorming your title.

  • Keep it honest. State precisely what you offer in the title without unnecessary wordplay. Clarity is essential to avoid confusing your leads. (e.g., The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Writing Social Media Content)
  • Use power words. Copywriters use power words to trigger a psychological or emotional response. Ensure your headline has at least one to three power words (e.g., exclusive, instantly, special, sneak peek, fail-proof).
  • Study your competitors. Find out how similar companies write their headlines and get inspiration from them.
Bidsketch lead magnet example

Bidsketch’s simple but compelling lead magnet headline tells you what you’ll get in as few words as possible using power words like “professional”, “in minutes”, and “sneak peek”. 

Describe the Value of Your Offer on the Lead Magnet Page

Ensure your landing page compellingly conveys the value of the resource you’re offering. Remember, an effective lead magnet landing page pinpoints a problem your target audience is facing while describing how it can help solve that problem. It should also highlight the actionable takeaways you will find in the content.

Mulesoft lead magnet

Check out MuleSoft’s straightforward execution of its lead magnet offering. The description clearly states what the lead magnet offers without fluff or flowery words.

Make Opt-Ins Easy and Uncomplicated

After impressing your potential lead with the description of your lead magnet offerings, you’ll have to complete the conversion with an opt-in form. Here are a few things to keep in mind to guarantee better conversions.

  • Minimize the number of fields and try to avoid asking for sensitive information, which often deters potential leads from completing your form.
  • While shorter opt-in forms offer higher conversion, longer opt-in forms ensure that the leads who sign up are highly-qualified and interested in your brand. Consider this when you’re aiming for quality over quantity.

Iceberg Builder Can Handle Your Lead Generation Efforts

Creating lead magnets can be arduous, especially when you’re looking to offer value to each buyer persona. Iceberg Builder’s extensive array of marketing tools and tutorials can help you create a lead magnet from start to finish without the need for an expert marketer or designer. Check out our pricing plans today.