We’ve already discussed how lead magnets are effective in growing your client database, but how does one come up with excellent lead magnet ideas that will not only increase leads but also deliver actual solutions and impress potential clients?

Brainstorming your lead magnet idea requires focusing on your expertise and putting your finger on the pulse of your customer’s needs and pain points. This guide walks you through the brainstorming process with actionable tips for building a tailor-made lead magnet based on your customer’s persona.

Step #1: Think of a Quick Win

Lead magnets don’t have to offer an all-encompassing solution to your customers’ most challenging problem – that’s the job of your product or service. When brainstorming lead magnet ideas, think only of what “quick win” you can offer. A quick win is an improvement that can be easily seen, has an immediate benefit, and can be implemented rapidly once your client receives the lead magnet.

A downloadable workout routine calendar, a family budget template, or a free habit-keeping app are great examples of quick wins as they offer instant gratification.

Step #2: Know Your Buyer Personas

Your buyer personas are a treasure trove of lead magnet inspiration – find out what your customers need, and think about how you can offer a quick solution. The best lead magnets are particular to the type of people they want to attract. As companies have several buyer personas, each lead magnet should only hone in on one of them.

For example, a realtor may create two separate lead magnets for two buyer personas: An e-book guide entitled “Downsizing: A Buying & Selling Guide for Empty Nesters” for boomers looking to downsize and a free webinar entitled “Saving Up For a House and Buying it Within the Next Decade” for younger millennials struggling to fund their first home.

Step #3: Study Your Competition

Now that you know your customers’ needs, it’s time to size up the competition. Check out your competitor’s websites and see what lead magnets they’re offering – but don’t just stop there. Sign up for their lead magnet and see how you can do something similar but better. Remember: your lead magnet should be so valuable that your potential clients would willingly pay for it.

For example, your competitor is an SEO marketing agency that understands the pain points of content creators – they know how much of a struggle it is to write blog posts that go viral. As a solution, they offer a free cheat sheet for writing blog posts with updated SEO best practices. Get inspiration from this idea but take it a step further – provide a free comprehensive webinar or course instead!

Step #4: Determine the Best Type of Lead Magnet

Lead magnets come in various types, from checklists and cheatsheets to video courses, tool kits, and web apps (check our list of the best lead magnet examples to get inspiration). Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when deciding which one works best:

  • Keep it simple. Complex lead magnets that offer complicated solutions do not fare well. Keep your lead magnet brief but packed with helpful information.
  • Make it easy to consume. Your lead magnet should deliver one quick win – that is, it should solve your potential client’s problem as speedy as possible so they can move down your funnel faster. Select a lead magnet format that offers immediate consumption and delivery.
  • Focus on your expertise. Great writers can make valuable e-books, while the tech-savvy will benefit more from creating compelling videos. Focus on what lead magnet format you can do best so you’re assured of a high-value product.
  • Tailor to your buyer persona. Select a lead magnet format that will resonate with your buyer persona; it should be one that they would be most receptive to. For example, schedule-oriented fitness enthusiasts would appreciate a PDF calendar complete with a workout routine, while busy moms would be more partial to easily consumable videos than lengthy e-books.

Step #5: Launch Your Lead Magnet

Now that you’ve ironed out your lead magnet idea, it’s time to develop it. Read our ultimate step-by-step guide on how to create lead magnets that attract customers. 

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