Find the Best Content Marketing Examples for Any Audience or Industry in 2022

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Kate is our master copywriter and content expert here at IcebergBuilder. Her expertise in sales-optimised content marketing and linguistics allows to dive into the depths of the power of language in advertising.

The IcebergBuilder team has selected the best content marketing examples to help you create an excellent marketing strategy and promote your business. Learn how to increase your brand awareness and sales or attract new online audiences with valuable and unique content, which is as essential as using advertisement platforms. You’ll also discover key tools and insights, the importance of high-quality visual content, and how to create informative and educational posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or your blog. Use these top content marketing examples and relevant tips to grow, draw attention, share news, and build creative and effective campaigns.

Top Promo & Educational Facebook Post Examples

Let’s dive right in. Here’s a Facebook post that offers visual and valuable information specially designed for their followers. This company provides various tools and gadgets for boosting productivity and does a great job by regularly giving free tips and tricks. This way, they help their followers learn about subjects they truly care about.

Facebook Post

Then, check out what a good promo post looks like on Facebook. People who created the following post are experts at creating urgency with their promotional posts. They show the benefits of their event in a visual way and offer a direct link for signing up easily.

Facebook Promo Post

If you plan to create an educational post for your audience that also attracts new customers, check out the Facebook post below. See how Hubspot offers free e-books that will move their followers onto their email list, which is brilliant. The photo makes the post look larger, so readers will likely notice it. Even though Facebook has no limitation on the text overlay, keep it to the minimum; information should be concise and straightforward.

Educational Post

Use LinkedIn To Engage With Your Followers

Let’s look at one excellent example of a LinkedIn engagement post, which is probably the best type of post for this social network. This one is rather simple and has only one goal—to engage with readers. If you do something like this on LinkedIn, comments will surely fly in. 

Twitter Post

Tailor your posts to the specific target audience, but also write about general or everyday things, like the person from this post. We suggest you create LinkedIn posts at least once a week, preferably after business hours, to get more engagement.

How To Visually Promote Your Business on Instagram

In addition to driving sales, Instagram will help you boost brand awareness, and we discovered a few top content marketing examples. The following Instagram post shows a fantastic way to promote a product. It features a product in a visually appealing and not salesy way but still attracts customers.

Instagram Promo Post

Those offering digital products can post photos of meetings or the work environment with hashtags related to their industry and current trends. Another fantastic idea is posting pictures of your employees to show off who all of you are behind a corporate mask. These make your team look more friendly and approachable. And, if you have a furry friend in your workplace, don’t hesitate to film it for Instagram—people are crazy about pets. 🙂 


Partnering up with another brand with a similar target market is a perfect way to introduce your brand to a new audience on Instagram. Find a suitable company and run campaigns together; collabs are beneficial to both sides. In the example below, you’ll see a promotional post showing the collaboration between Adidas and Palace. 

Instagram Collaboration Post

Twitter Posts for News & Announcements 

Posting valuable content in 280 characters is a challenge but one you can rise to with ease. For instance, engagement posts featuring questions to your followers are always a good idea, as well as testimonials. If you have proof that people love your product or service, don’t hesitate to post it.

Another type of content you should undoubtedly share across any platform (especially on Twitter) includes essential industry news. Whether it’s an article about people from your industry or any change related to it, you’ll want to share it with your audience. We found an excellent Twitter post example.

Twitter Post

This also goes for news within your company; announcement posts are ideal for Twitter. Pin your cool announcement to the top of the feed so new visitors can see it, and update it regularly to add fresh info or edit details. Here’s a great example:

Twitter Announcement Post

You may also use Twitter to share your blog content. Don’t be shy to tweet your blog post, and use the opportunity to see the response and reactions of your audience. Give a condensed amount of information on what the topic is, as well as the link, so that readers can easily access your post. Then, you can use the feedback to improve your work. 

Bonus Tips To Improve Your Blog Posts

In addition to valuable and informative content, your posts should include a few other things. For instance, a share button allows readers to quickly share your posts with their Facebook friends and, therefore, help you reach more people.

You should also include products, tools, or services that could benefit the readers of that particular topic. For example, include a downloadable lead magnet like the one in the following photo. Alternatively, check out other amazing lead magnet examples or learn how to come up with unique lead magnet ideas.

Lead Magnet Example

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