Complete Guide to Content Marketing on Instagram & Top Tips

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Most marketers who want to promote their businesses and develop enduring relationships with customers opt for professional content marketing on Instagram and alike platforms. Developing a successful Instagram content strategy can be stressful in such a distracting environment, but that’s where our team comes in. Discover the most recent facts, insights, demographics study, and all the highs and lows of this type of advertising. Use our advice to design a winning content marketing strategy and convert your potential clients into existing customers.

Pros of Instagram Content Marketing

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, allows you to promote your brand in a variety of ways and formats. When it comes to Instagram content marketing, the focus is on visual and aesthetically pleasing material, so images are as important as text. 

Go through the top five benefits of doing content marketing on Instagram:

  1. Instagram beats Facebook in terms of engagement. Although this depends on your target audience, an average post will get more likes and comments on Instagram because its users are more likely to comment or react to a post.
  2. Instagram stories are much more popular than Facebook stories. They are perfect for simple snippets of information and engaging with the audience.
  3. Reels are ideal for video content and have become quite popular, especially among the younger audience. They offer a great way to show valuable information in a more compact form.
  4. Instagram Shopping lets you create an immersive storefront, which allows users to explore and purchase your best products.
  5. The platform is brimming with influencers, so you should consider using them in your content strategy.


Check out our amazing content marketing examples to see how to promote your business on Instagram successfully.

Instagram Insights

Cons of Instagram Content Marketing

Content marketing on Instagram can be highly beneficial, but it also has some downsides. The main disadvantages of Instagram are virtually the same as the cons of Facebook content marketing; check them out:

  • The algorithm is constantly changing, which requires constant adaptations and sometimes alterations in the content marketing strategy.
  • Instagram often adds new features and then deletes them, which may cause problems.
  • You’re not in charge of how your information is displayed.
  • There aren’t many options to highlight essential details, such as headings or bolds.
  • It’s a distracting environment with lots of competition.
  • Instagram doesn’t allow users to share posts (just stories, which isn’t as efficient).
  • Although you can add links to your posts, they aren’t hyperlinked.

How the Instagram Algorithm Works

Facebook and Instagram have virtually the same algorithm, so the strategy and approach don’t differ. Just like Facebook, Instagram favors posts with a lot of comments (and longer comments) and, therefore, shows them to more users. The number of likes won’t impact your posts’ visibility. 

Shares and saves indicate to the platform that the post has valuable information, which is also great for marketing. If Instagram users often share or save your post, more people will see it.

Instagram vs. Facebook Demographics

Choosing the perfect platform for content marketing depends on the people you’re targeting, but most marketers choose both. However, you should learn more about Instagram vs. Facebook demographics to see which one should be your primary focus. Here are a few pieces of information:

  • Instagram is a better choice if teenagers are your target audience. 
  • Middle-aged people prefer Facebook, just like those who live in suburban and rural areas. 
  • Female users prevail over males on both platforms, so you should consider Twitter if men are your target group. 


See the recent study with all the details in the following picture.

Facebook vs Instagram Demographics

Bottom Line

Creating a good content marketing strategy is crucial in promoting your business, and it helps you build trust and relationships with your followers. Content development tools are just as important, and you may also be interested in email marketing and promotion.

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