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Facebook Content Marketing
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Effective content marketing on Facebook and similar platforms is essential for marketers who want to promote their businesses and build lasting relationships with customers. However, designing a successful Facebook content strategy can be challenging due to countless competitors and its ever-changing algorithm. That’s where we come in! Keep reading to discover the latest information and helpful details about Facebook content marketing, its algorithm, and demographics. Use our tips to create the best marketing strategy, raise awareness, and grow your business exponentially.

Pros of Facebook Content Marketing

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, gives you a perfect platform for promoting your brand or business. Here are the key advantages of doing content marketing on Facebook:

  • Facebook is the best place to reach extensive online audiences, given that it has approximately three billion monthly active users.
  • It allows posting content in a variety of formats: posts, photos, videos, live videos, polls, etc.
  • Your followers can easily share your posts or other content relevant to your niche.
  • It enables you to advertise online or local events with ease.
  • You can easily connect with your customers both through your posts and messages.
  • Shop function is a convenient and helpful feature for e-stores.
  • Facebook groups are ideal for finding your target audience in one place. If you can’t find it, you can also create one. Learn more about them below.


Check out these amazing content marketing examples to see what a valuable or promotional post on Facebook looks like. Click here to learn more about the importance of content marketing and how to create a Facebook content strategy.

Take Advantage of Facebook Groups

Facebook is very well inclined to promote the use of Facebook groups, which have various useful features and post types. You can request to join a group from your personal account or a Facebook page, but you can also create one and design it to target your potential customers or clients. 

If you come across a Facebook group with a lot of members that could be your potential clients, we have a couple of tips to win them over.

  1. Post in the group to introduce yourself, ask a question, or share valuable content related to your industry. If you ask the right question, answers may help you realize what your target audience wants or likes.
  2. Engage in discussions and answer other people’s questions so that they can associate your name or your brand with helpful information. This way, you’ll build lasting relationships with your clients.

Also, keep your eyes open for important topics, and don’t forget to read the comments.

Cons of Facebook Content Marketing

Although Facebook is ideal for promoting your company, marketing on this platform can be challenging. Here are the main disadvantages: 

  • Its organic reach has dropped to its lowest 2%, which means that only 2% of posts that haven’t been paid for or boosted are shown to the followers of a page. See the section below to discover how to make it to followers’ timelines.
  • The ever-changing algorithm. Whenever they change it, you must find a way to play by their new rules and create successful posts. 
  • Facebook constantly tests new features and then cancels them. Although it’s a natural part of business, it may cause problems sometimes. 
  • You’re not in full control over the Shop function, i.e., how the price and your products are displayed.
  • There are no headings, bolds, colors, or other formatting hacks to make essential info stands out.
  • It’s a very distracting environment. The competition is huge, and each user is swamped with countless posts and ads.


All the info in this article refers to organic Facebook posts, not ads. If you wish to learn more about advertisement platforms and posts, click here.

How the Facebook Algorithm Works

The more (and longer) the comments, the higher the chances that Facebook’s algorithm will push your post to the top of timelines. Likes aren’t really important, so try to provoke your followers into commenting.

Shares and saves indicate that a post has valuable information, and therefore, Facebook shows it to more people. These shares include sharing on your wall, in Messenger, or outside Facebook. For this reason, it’s crucial to product informative content with a lot of valuable information.


Tip: Facebook doesn’t favor organic posts with external links since it wants to keep people on the platform, so it’s a good idea to add a link to your website in the comment section instead of the post itself.

Facebook vs. Instagram Engagement & Demographics

Facebook and Instagram are virtually the same platforms in the sense that their algorithm is the same. So, the strategy and approach don’t differ, but there’s one difference we want to mention. Instagram beats Facebook in terms of engagement. Although this depends on your target audience, an average post will get more likes and comments on Instagram because its users are more likely to leave a comment or react to a post.

Look into Instagram vs. Facebook demographics to discover a more suitable platform for your products or service based on your target group.

Instagram/Facebook Demographics

If you’re targeting teenagers and young adults, Instagram is a slightly better choice. Middle-aged and older people prefer Facebook, as well as people who live in suburban and rural areas. The perfect platform for content marketing depends on your target audience, but using both Facebook and Instagram is the best idea in most cases.

Bottom Line + Helpful Links

Creating a powerful content marketing strategy is essential in promoting your brand and helps you build trust and develop long-term relationships with your audience. To create valuable and informative posts, you’ll need some of these content development tools. Depending on your service and target audience, you may also be interested in email marketing and promotion.

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